Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween On a Shoestring Budget

Well the sister couldn't get the boys their choice of costume from Walmart this year. So, it happens! But super crafty Auntie jumps in to help, and I think we hit a homerun from recycled materials.

First nephew is going to be a Jester for the royal court of the house of cards! With Jester hat w/ bells and a card theme pull over. Even got him a little joker baton with streamers.

Second nephew is going to be a Deep Sea Scuba Diver. Managed to make shift a Dr. Pepper bottle into an air tank and found a swimming facemask we were about to put away from summer. Even found some old tubing to attack to the soda bottle so he has the ability to get the air from the tank, if he really needed it! :D

Pictures to follow!


  1. Homemade Costumes Are The Best!

  2. Of course my battery in my camera is dead, the costumes are done and I can't share the pictures yet! lol