Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who's Your Best Layer?

I know we all have opinions on the best laying chicken breeds out there, and I sure don't have ANY of them in my flock! However, I have some girls that lay better then others. So I was wondering out of YOUR whole flock, who do you believe is your best layer? The one girl that out lays the rest?

Mine is my Japanese Bantam 'Poe'. When she's on a roll (and not molting like she is now) she can lay me 4-5 eggs a week. That is EXCELLENT for a bantam breed!

You can see my Japanese Birchen Bantams mixed in with my Red Cochin Bantams. My Cochins aren't laying yet. They are due any time now though!


  1. Ya know my bantams lay great, I havent kept up with how many bantam eggs I get a week but its a good amount from I think 6 hens (I need to keep track)... I dont sell my bantam eggs I just keep em all for my self (& the family, lol). I have 2 EEs that lay great too, even when they molt. I've got a BO/RIR hen thats a great layer too. Alot of my BOs are goin on 3 years now & honestly I dont know whos still layin. I really need to find out this spring... out with the old & in with the new, I need more eggs!

  2. I think my RIRxEE was my best layer. She didn't lay very large eggs but there was a constant stream of khaki-olive greenish eggs up until something (maybe a bobcat) got her in broad daylight....sigh...