Monday, March 30, 2009

A Day Of Sun

Finally one warm (and windy) day happens. Wasn't too much we could do though. Managed to get a 3 tiered raised bed built. In the process of trying to move the truck out to the pond to fill it with soil, we got the truck stuck in the mud. 20 minutes later, and a muddy mess of our and our neighbor's yard we finally freed it. It's now parked in the back yard until the ground hardens up some. I'm going to have to wheel barrow over the dirt later today.

So here's the 3 tiered raised bed which we did manage to stain at least. It will have strawberries for the birds on the bottom tier, followed by a bunch of Iris bulbs, columbine, blanket flower, creeping Jenny and whatever else I can fit in the top 2 tiers. (The bottom one is 6'x6', followed by 4'x4', and 2'x2')

You can see I'm also Hardening off some plants on my deck. These ones have been out for over a week and need to go in the ground somewhere... and SOON!

I'd also like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Our new Pekin duck who is 2 weeks old now. Turned out my other 2 Pekin ducks I hatched were both male, so they needed a girlfriend. She's still several weeks from moving out to the duck house yet. She also doesn't have a name. So have to think that through.


  1. The tiered raised bed looks very nice, but it is overshadowed by the awfully cute yellow ducky! She is absolutely adorable.

  2. I love your raised beds! It sounds like it's going to be a great little garden.

    And, oh! that duckie. Too adorable.

  3. Thanks guys... I've started filling the raised bed with dirt. Ran out half way through. Managed to plant some Iris's in there already... strawberries will show up someday soon and a few are going over there too.