Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally, a sunny warm spell!

I've been looking forward to some nice long sunny days. Days where it is dry and I can actually manage to work more outside. I got some things done as listed on those rainy days, I just spent 5-6 days inside staring out in a muddy mess!

We had a yard sale on Saturday to try to clean out closets and part of the attic. It wasn't the greatest of days. It was warming up after the first hour or so, but then some strong cold winds came out of no where and continued until about noon.

We put off doing any yard work the rest of saturday and just used to day for my daughter to play on her swing set and enjoy collecting rocks. Sunday began the catching up of yard work, and my husband ended up on the roof replacing a pipe booting and 8 shingles that had fallen off causing a leak. We still have about 8 shingles to replace in various places, but the steepness of the roof is keeping us from getting to those anytime soon.

Oh... and one last thing. Saturday (I'm back tracking) we did manage to get to Lowe's and order the custom siding for the house! I was so thrilled we saved the money to finally do that. I was even more surprised by the fact the price of the siding went down since I did a price check on it back in January. So we saved $100 or so from what I thought it was going to be. HOORAY SALES!!!!!

So just how much have I done?!

Let's start here:

Blueberries were given to us bareroot from neighbors and they are doing great! Put them in a little over 2 weeks ago.

I've managed to get the bed at the end of the deck going. I still have a few more things to get moved out that aren't ready yet. I also ran out of mulch.

I found these gorgeous new cushions and new pots in the teal and green! I think it really brightens up the deck :)

We've put in our mini orchard. The trees came on saturday. 2 Apricot, 2 Lodi Apple and 2 Johnathon Apple!

My husband's pet project. His very own grape vine. Have to cross my fingers for this!

My side garden is really coming back and filling out. I even added some vines to the old metal yard ornament.

I created some nice signs I stained and treated for the yard. I still have a pile I'm doing to add to what I have.

My patience is wearing thin with these Tulips!!!! I've seen yards full of them recently and mine are taking their time.


This is the bed we've built for the strawberries. They haven't come yet!


  1. Looks like you've been doing a lot of hard work. What a beautiful yard you have. I love the fact that you have so many edibles.

  2. Yeah, I figured I should get some actual use out of it. It may be pretty to look at, but I want it to taste good! LOL

  3. I have to agree you did a lot of work in your yard.