Monday, March 16, 2009

In like a lion...

Oh for the love... will this rain ever end. I know mother nature is in nurture and grow mode, but I need some sun right now. It's been raining 4 days straight without letting up. Tomorrow will be day 5, and they are calling for showers still.

Last week we had 5 gorgeous sun filled days where I was able to move some plants out on the deck to harden off. I managed to get my tomatoes in the ground, and plant some peas and potatoes. The rest of my plants sit on the deck getting a good soaking, which seems to be doing them much good. However, I want to get them into their specially prepared spots I've thought so long and hard on.

I purchased new pots for the deck, and new matching seat cushions to really set off spring. Nothing like bright greens and blues to really cheer me up after this drab winter.

Sadly, I have no pictures to post of all the progress I've made last week. My daughter and I were over come with a cold after her birthday last sunday and come thursday we were moping around the house with my Mother In Law. I think that bummed out her visit, but I'm sure the wonderful weather made the trip well worth it for her. She is from the Northern Midwest, so she went back to more icky winter for a bit longer.

As soon as there is sun again, I will wonder around the yard and take photos. Perhaps the tulips will finally be in bloom then... they are so close now :-)

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  1. I can understand that moping around due to the rain I have my own days doing that even when it is sunny because of medications I am under for my diabeties.