Monday, March 9, 2009

Warmth Waves In

It's been insanely warm the last few days. Saying its in the 80's in March blows my mind! I've decided it is time to start moving some of my seedlings out into the yard though. Since saturday I have managed to gather some plants out onto the deck to take in the warmth of the natural sun, and the breezes (and occasionally gusts) we've been getting. I bought several new pots for a few special plants that will be living on my deck... while the rest wait to move into their designated beds that have been prepped and waiting for them for months.

My lovely veggie garden is still thriving with deep green full spinach, and plump looking radishes. My lettuce is a bit knobby and the carrots have FINALLY sent up sprouts. I thinned them out and they had extremely strong roots... so I know the ones that are there will come out lovely. I even got a few bareroot blueberry bushes from my neighbor who was thinning out his busy growing stash!

Tomorrow my husband is building the extra raised bed for my daughter's playhouse area where she will be able to have her sunflowers. He's also cutting me some custom wood pieces out of 1"x2" wood I will stain red and hand paint plant names onto for the garden as well. This way I will have nice labels for everything out there. No more plastic markers that look so cheap and shabby.

I did take the time to stain my raised beds, gate and arbor last week. Its the only thing I've gotten updated photos of.

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