Sunday, June 14, 2009


I picked and ate my first Brandywine tomato today. It was intoxicating (not the posion you to death toxic, but the falling in love with the juiciness kind), to say the least. It was amazingly juicy, low in seeds... and not very acidic in taste. So it was great for slicing for sure. It was cracked and most of my brandywines are, so I can honestly say they are ugly.... but don't judge a book by it's cover!!!

Ok I wanted to post an image of a pink Brandywine to show what it looks like! Notice the dark crack on this one... mine look worse! HEhehehe Several of mine have been this big though. Its a great Heirloom variety if you chose to grow your own, you should most definitely make room for these... they are also EARLY producing and quick ripeners.

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  1. I suppose I could do a google search for Brandywines, but you should post a picture so I know what they look like! I just bought some heirloom tomatoes at the grocery store, and I'm not sure what they were as they were not labled, but they were SO good!

  2. Oh I should post a picture! I found one online to post. Problem with 'heirloom' tomatoes, is there are 100's of varieties out there... so its hard to know which is which. All the varities I am growing are Heirloom right now. I did it to save seeds for next year so I didn't have purchase anymore...where the money saving comes in. However, my tomatoes contracted a disease and I will not be saving seeds from my plants this year. There fruits are edible and fine... but will not make for strong health plants for years to come. I have to start over fresh :(