Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hooray for RED!!!

I took all day yesterday (after taking the dog to the vet) to sand and stain our deck. I wanted it to be a gorgeous deep cedar red, and I went and bought the stain... MONTHS ago! So after I spent a good amount of months, weeks and days finding 1000 other projects to do I finally broke and started on the deck.

There were TONS of spots that had some dark mildew growing from all the rain we've gotten. The railings were treated lumber so I needed to sand down all the bad spots, putty in the screw holes and sand again. Finally, after everything was wiped down I got to stain. It took from 11am until 10pm last night, then 1 hour this morning for final touch ups (Which were very few). Good thing I did it when I did... it is STORMING out right now and looks like it will, off and on, for the next 4 days. :(

(Oh, I did not stain the floor of the deck as that is a clay colored composite decking that never needs to be sanded or stained... you know, that pricey stuff but GREAT on bare feet!!!)


  1. Very pretty. I wish we had a deck to put flowers atop and make pretty. We have a concrete patio :(

  2. We had steps down a patio onto nothing... we ripped out the brick steps and added a deck off of a patio. It was MAD work, but now its done and I'm thinking of screening in the old concrete patio area with a screen door out to the deck. We get a lot of weird bugs with that pond there.