Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big 3 0

Yes... today I turn 30. I've been dreading it, though I honestly feel no different. I think it really only bothers me because my husband is younger then me, and I get those reminders regularly. (He'll be 30 next year so no big thing!)

Anyways, I've been sick and today I have lost my voice... so today I can not complain... or at least I can't complain where anyone has to hear me. LOL

Here's a copy of my horoscope, which I think it was off:

Cancer June 22nd:
Still in the mood for love? If you are, don't be put off by a roadblock or delay that might initially seem to be ruining your evening. There's nothing wrong with changing plans. You may even end up enjoying where you are more than you'd have enjoyed where you were going -- especially if you're in the right company. Whether it's a flat tire or a last-minute cancellation that leaves you two with some time on your hands, make the most of it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Still Finding a Place For Reservations!

I haven't gotten away to the beach in sooooooooo long that I'm procrastinating on what hotel we want to stay at?! Save money and go cheap with a simple hotel room we'll barely be in while out shopping or out swimming? Or go with a nice place with a pool and a view?! Maybe shell out the midgrade price and go with a nice bed and breakfast?! Now I want the B&B but hubby wants to 'look' and see what I've found first. :P So off to get more prices and pictures... wish me luck on winning this (it is MY birthday after all). I really like this place:

Four Porches Bed and Breakfast Wilmington, NC

Ut Oh... I think I've changed my mind and would like to stay here:

Taylor House Inn

Its right by the other place and all the shops and things I want to goto. :)
AND its about $50 cheaper! SCORE!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I picked and ate my first Brandywine tomato today. It was intoxicating (not the posion you to death toxic, but the falling in love with the juiciness kind), to say the least. It was amazingly juicy, low in seeds... and not very acidic in taste. So it was great for slicing for sure. It was cracked and most of my brandywines are, so I can honestly say they are ugly.... but don't judge a book by it's cover!!!

Ok I wanted to post an image of a pink Brandywine to show what it looks like! Notice the dark crack on this one... mine look worse! HEhehehe Several of mine have been this big though. Its a great Heirloom variety if you chose to grow your own, you should most definitely make room for these... they are also EARLY producing and quick ripeners.

This image came from: source

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hooray for RED!!!

I took all day yesterday (after taking the dog to the vet) to sand and stain our deck. I wanted it to be a gorgeous deep cedar red, and I went and bought the stain... MONTHS ago! So after I spent a good amount of months, weeks and days finding 1000 other projects to do I finally broke and started on the deck.

There were TONS of spots that had some dark mildew growing from all the rain we've gotten. The railings were treated lumber so I needed to sand down all the bad spots, putty in the screw holes and sand again. Finally, after everything was wiped down I got to stain. It took from 11am until 10pm last night, then 1 hour this morning for final touch ups (Which were very few). Good thing I did it when I did... it is STORMING out right now and looks like it will, off and on, for the next 4 days. :(

(Oh, I did not stain the floor of the deck as that is a clay colored composite decking that never needs to be sanded or stained... you know, that pricey stuff but GREAT on bare feet!!!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Invasion of Blight

That's right, I just noticed this morning my tomatoes, potatoes and Basil have all contracted Early Blight. I had to pick up a anti-fungal treatment and get right on it.

Here is what I found online that probably would have saved me the headache to start with:

"Early blight control is based on crop rotation, removal and destruction of crop debris from previous crops, staking, mulching, and timely application of fungicides.

Staking and mulching are important in an early blight control program, since staking keeps foliage and fruit from contacting the soil surface, and mulching cuts down on "soil splash" onto lower parts of the plant. Since soil particles often contain the early blight fungus, this is a good way of keeping the fungus from invading plants. Plastic, or organic mulches (pine straw or even newspapers) are equally effective. "

source: MSU cares

I am using a mancozeb fungal control spray... I need to treat my surviving plants every 7 days and the day after a rain. Another option is maneb, some sites and people recommend chlorothalonil, however this has been taken off the market as its been shown to be unsafe for human consumption.

This is by far one of those "LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES" moments I know I started this blog for.

Here are pictures of the blighted plants:

If you are having similar probelms or diseases in your tomatoes, here is a great site full of images you can use to start your research off. It took this page, and lots of searches to just be sure I had a fungus on my tomatoes and not a virus or bacteria... so take your time!