Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For The birds...

...yet we've got none yet?! Its been out there hanging for at least a month now.

Just sharing a pretty photo I just took from the back porch.
No Winter Visitors

Maybe the Reason is...


  1. I just spotted you on Bake Space and started looking at your Blog.We are now in a deepfreeze and snow bounds so...this looks grand.

  2. I really should go take pictures of my frozen 2 acre pond. The ducks keep slipping and sliding to check for wet spots... too funny! Thanks for coming over and joining the blog!

  3. They will come.........

    That cat is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Thanks, I miss watching the birds.

    As for the cat,I'll tell Mercedes (the cat) how cute you think she is... she'll just do her usual "I know" walk away from me! LOL