Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Outside of Our House is DONE!

...well other then my endless need to plant things. I have gardens planned for years to come still. However, when we bought this place and moved in June 1st of 2008 I knew the trouble we were getting into. The place was a large white damaged shell of a house. There was water damage, termite damage, everything was cold primer grey, and the damage was pretty much painted over. Structure wise everything was sound, and it was just going to be a lot of cosmetic work in the long run. The price on this place was as is, and it was going into foreclosure... it was a steal in this economy. Here it is the beginning of 2010 and a HUGE chunk of the work is done and for WAY under what everyone was warning it may cost. AND we did a lot more then was suggest.

Orginally damage repair was going to be around $10,000. Lets just say, the damage is fixed, I upgraded some of things like I wanted better columns, and better siding. I also wanted a deck and brick path. I got all that... and didn't even come close to such numbers as $10,000! I have to giggle thinking about what we got away with.

** Attention: My husband is a professional carpenter, and has taught me a lot I never thought I could do before... so this isn't one of those ANYONE can do it situations. We already owned the $$$$ tools and knew how to use them. **

Anyways, I'm taking this time to share some before and after pictures so you can see what was done over such a short time.

I know kinda boring huh?

Look at that view though! And that Pond was stocked with Fish?! Hubby was in love!

No idea if that worked, but oh well! (It didn't, cost $400 to fix)

Nice concrete patio thing off the kitchen. Overhangs are great when it rains, but not for entertainment.

Hubby build me a deck in the first 2 weeks we were here. Happy Birthday to me!

Now I think it is time to jump in and repair damage.

Lets put in a new brick walkway first, someone gave them to us.

Siding done!

Veggie Garden and Chicken Coop in (Fencing another trade on Craigslist)

A fence and garden in the driveways should help stop anyone from running over our septic tank (AGAIN!)
The septic damage from a truck!


Master Bath done until I can replace the mirror and lighting.
Living room change, its hand painted not wallpaper.
Kitchen in Green now!

Ok, thank you for following out little memory lane of our hard work on this place. We're very proud of all the work. I am going to take a break the rest of the month... but then there are walls to be taken down in the master bedroom! HAHAHA


  1. Looks Beautiful... Nice Job Guys :)

  2. Thanks... now to see what will happen in the next year or 2? lol