Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Local Gardening School on Organics & Layout

I am not offering my services, one on one with layout drawings of your yard for your gardening needs. I teach the basics on organic produce, heirlooms, native plants to our region and zone (I cover Zone 7B central NC), compost basics, the importances of techniques most gardeners should use, starting seed outside or indoors... and so much more! I charge for my time by hour... I also have the local options to have raises beds built, compost bases built, chicken coops and more through my husband who is a carpenter and contractor!

These services are to teach a do-it-yourself'er! I'm not coming over to dig for you, or plant or weed or harvest... this is strickly teaching you what you need to do to make growing successful, budget friendly, earth friendly and take up the least amount of your precious time! Gardening should be a joy and a hobby... something you do not dread in the morning. You should be able to sit around in the splendor of what you've done through out your season.

I insist of course you follow my blog... which covers many walks of the homesteading life... but this service gives you much deeper personal understanding of your garden and your own land. I do make house calls! ;)

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