Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Bedding?!

Well, Spring and Summer get too hot for me, and Winter can be too cold.... so we wanted to add more flower beds this fall when the temps are just right. No sweating fussing over this landscape!

Little daughter helped plant some tulips too!!! 


  1. A great time to make a new flower bed!

    Sorry to take so long to say so, but your home is very nice! Clean and very well kept!

    I can't wait to see this new found/hard worked plant bed in full bloom! Your choice of flowers is amazing from what I have seen.

    Nice to see the family all in the garden scene as a team!

    Joe/ Aka injunjoe@Teg

  2. Thanks Joe! Its a group thing I think :) Most of my flowers are like you... from seeds, from clearance and from trade! I really haven't paid for much... even my Japanese maple 'twig' that was once 5" tall, now is about 2' tall and it was a sapling taken from a mother plant from someone's garden.

    This garden is mainly a lot of work, but I think the rewards for my time and patience are a lot greater then that of money spent :)

    And I think you can appreciate that greatly! You've given a lot of gorgeous plants a good home yourself. Its fufilling!