Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gardening For Wildlife - Certification

My husband and I have been filtering out invasive species on the property (slowly,) its a long process. Most of our property is open, but we've managed to add a lot of native and sustainable plants since we started gardening. Most of which are blanket flower, coneflower, foxglove and azalea. We're still adding... more trees... more bushing... including some bushes with winter berries for the birds are on our list.

So I came across this website:

It has all the basics to have a natural wilflife friendly landscape, and all though we WANT to do more and we WILL do more... we've done the basics to meet their certification process! So we're planning on applying this winter.

Is anyone else certified?! I would love to see photos of your properties, and see some of the plants you introduced!


  1. Let's see photos of your place please! I'm very curious.

  2. Oh yeah, i was gonna tell you, i'm sure my place qualifies, but i didn't really have anything to do with it except we try to disturb what's there as little as possible ;) It's great to see the squirrels and birds and everything that lives in the woods.

  3. I'm sure our place qualifies as is... I just wanted to add a little of us. I think its a great thing to do. I don't think its needed to be certified by any means... but it helps the foundation and you get the cool certificate and sign to put on your property to warn other people its sacred ground, if you know what I mean.

    As for my property... I need to walk around and do some 'fall' photos to post soon. But we're getting the left over hurricane rain and wind right now. Going to take a few days to pass over and dry out. I know I a bunch of photos posted here in August and September of 09 and some in September of 08 a couple months after we moved here.

  4. Let me know how it goes. My husband wants to do this but I wonder how critical the peps are that come out.

  5. I was told by several people on another site that did this that it was easy. However, I was also told you may have to redo your certification over time. Very simple from what they have on their site. We're getting ready to now. We do have a pond and wooded area on the property... so its pretty simple for us.