Monday, November 9, 2009

Quilt time

Ok... so I've finally put some real time into the quilt and have gotten to an excellent point! Great timing actually!

Here's the patchwork part finished. I've now adding the batting and backing which was 2 pieces stitched together to them to cover the queen sized piece. I ran out of the colors of fabric I was using so I had to take 7" off the end... so maybe this more of a full size quilt then queen, but it covers my Queen size bed pretty well. I had to borrow a 'hoop' because I think I am going to hand quilt this blanket. I don't think my machine will do too well of a job. Now I just have to decide on a pattern to quilt into it?! Do you think the Hoop is a good idea? I'm afraid of the backing and batting sliding while I am working?! I am so new at this!!!!


  1. Girl I dont know anything about this kind of stuff but you Quilt sure is purtty...........

  2. Hey Shannon, I have tons of books about this but it is too much trouble to send them to you. I suggest going to youtube and look up "Pat Sloan's Pin Basting". This will tell you how to keep the layers together without shifting. Any other questions just let me know.

  3. Yes you need to baste all 3 layers together before you hand or machine stitch!
    Any questions yell at me!

  4. Oh forgot to say your quilt is pretty I love the colors!