Monday, November 23, 2009

Needles and Thread and Sewing, Oh My!

I've been so busy trying to knock out some handmade gifts for Christmas, its not even funny! I get busy with cookie orders after Thanksgiving so I really try to cram now on anything I want made as gifts. This year is the first year I've sewn anything other then 1 small baby blanket as a gift. So far this season I've made Eco-towels (cloth reusable towels used much like paper towels), reusable snack bags for the families with kids, headbands for my mama's and their girls, and now I'm adding aprons to the mix!

Here's my first set of Aprons EVER. I made a matching set for my daughter and I as practice... and they did well, so we'll be adding this to what we are making for gift baskets now.

I have one last batch of Jam I am making for these baskets as well, but I won't be selling any of this batch, sorry!

Anyone interested in my sewn gifts, I have a seperate etsy store for everything I sew and don't give away.

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