Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are your eco-labels lying?

This is a very interesting list I found this morning. It has all those 'eco' 'green' labels and terms you see in the grocery stores we see these days. But what do they really mean? Is the FDA really on our side if they let some of these terms slide out into the public eye KNOWING they are misleading consumers.

Personally, I believe the whole grocery mentality is to mislead the public because it causes a spending frenzy. When organic became popular... it was super expensive... but it was ORGANIC! These companies stood by it, and could afford to get us a good natural product. Now companies are stuggling to PAY our government extra to certify those organics, and are making cuts to keep going... and that means they are not as natural as they could be. So there are now a SLEW of labels for all these companies, which means most of use again... are stuck not knowing what we are REALLY getting from these products?

An egg is an egg right?! Free-Range, Organic, No added hormones... all the same right?! NOPE!
(Personally I believe the happy hen who can wonder where she wants and eat what nature provides with a little extra nutrition from us is going to produce the BEST egg ever. Not to mention, I rather have an egg laid this week then one I pay $3 for in the grocery store that can be 4 weeks old by the time I get it home.)

So here are those labels and what they mean... study them... notice how alike they look... so who is being screwed here?!


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  1. So funny that I read this now, for Thanksgiving I have a vegetarian sister that I need to consider. When I was buying eggs, I noticed that one of the packages said no hormones, free range, organic AND vegetarian fed. Never noticed that before. I bought them for my Thanksgiving cooking. I told her that I used them in the pumpkin pies that I made. They did cost substantially more.