Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Candling Silkie Eggs...

I traded some jam/jarred goods for some Lavender silkie eggs this month! Natalie (sonew123 on BackYardChickens.com) was so sweet to even send some extra mutt eggs to see what happens! How awesome to get some surprises too!!!??

So I set these eggs UNDER my broody silkies, 8 days ago, they are due to hatch January 4th. Muppet(white silkie) and Fillet(black silkie) are trying to be the mommy's with this batch. My second black silkie, Peck, will probably be going broody shortly... I can see the look in here eye.

Up until today they were setting 12 eggs, we candled the eggs this morning and 10 look to be developing. 2 for sure are not.

First silkie egg, good develpment.

No good yolkless fart egg:

This one is SUPER dark, Green EE egg... I can't see inside it, so we're assuming its ok.

Another developing silkie.

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