Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Months Not Being Myself

Since October I've had what I thought was a repeat virus. I kept catching it over and over again, passing it around the family and then back to me. Finally I got an ear infection and needed to visit a doctor yesterday. Turns out this 'virus' has been the same one since October when I first had it. It attacks hard for about 5 days, sore throat, stuffy nose and head and HORRIBLE congested cough for 5 days after. Then another week or 2 go by and it starts over, because it was DORMANT in between break outs. It took a sinus infection and a double ear infection to finally get me to the doctor in the first place. He's shocked I got through this for so long?! While it was dormant I was weak and I just didn't feel like myself... I just blamed it on working out in the garden so much, chasing a 3 year old, being depressed since hubby got laid off. I just forced myself to go on with life, but I felt like I was pushing a boulder up hill to get any chore done. FOR 7 MONTHS!!!

So out in the garden, doing dishes, washing laundry, playing with my daughter.... all wore me out. I haven't gone out to do anything with my friends, I never felt up to it. I have lived a pretty lacking life for the last 7 months, though I forced myself to do everything.

Anyways, I am just here to say I am over joyed that FINALLY I am going to get back to good, get back to being myself and able to live my life again HEALTHY. I'm going to finish my meds and get back to my garden and some time in the sun. Then I can share everything I did that wasn't a struggle to get done. Thank you all!

ETA: While I was sleeping and trying to recover, my husband was so unbelievably sweet. He built me a new 12' x 2' raised bed out in my garden. He just keeps feeding my obsession. Who could ask for a more amazing man!?


  1. Hope you keep getting better, am at the 'end' of the flu? now, or so I hope... will look for you in the garden!

  2. Thanks Cindy, I hope you recover too! This has been the worse illness season I've seen in YEARS. I have a poor immune system, so I've suffered some bad seasons, but not as bad as this.

    I just posted the raised bed my husband gifted me today while I was resting all afternoon. Motivated me to go get something planted... but I think I will take at least 2 more days of rest before I got back down the road to exhausting myself out in the yard! :)

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with your garden. I have a brown thumb and would much rather cook, but I certainly appreciate a beautiful garden. I will live vicariously though yours, lol. Glad you are on the road to recovery!

  4. Cathy, I love cooking I really do. Nothing beats the fresh ingredients I have on hand though. It really adds a lot to a recipe to have things on hand like fresh herbs rather then dried, and the amount I save in $$$ at the store not having to buy things like Basil, Mint and Oregano is amazing! I also like switching up my baking by using fresh duck eggs from my ducks over store bought chicken eggs. (Even my own chicken eggs improve a recipe 10 fold!) I must suggest to you that if you think you have a brown thumb, start gardening using herbs in pots. Herbs like poor soil and can take being forgotten about when it comes to water quite often. So herbs are the best bang for your buck and time in my option. Once you get good with your herbs, everything else is so much easier! :)