Monday, April 5, 2010

Gorgeous and 88 degrees?!?!

Too nice lately for my own good! Too warm too! I've had the windows all open and all the fans on in the house. Its like spring came and went in a week around here. After viewing the call for 80-90 degree days for the next week, I starting putting in my tomato plants already. They've done well in the coldframe/mini green house so it was time for them to start hitting the ground 1 by 1.

We've mowed, cleaned the yard and added more plants to the front porch. Not to mention the fresh coat of white paint ON the porch!

So I need to walk around today after I'm done getting the rest of the tomatoes in, and take some photos for all of you.

I'm sure you would like to see how HUGE my pea plants are getting. ;-)

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