Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Frost Date Past, Tomatoes In

I finally got all my tomatoes, and peppers in the ground. It seems early for some of you, but Zone 7b is now out of the frost date warnings. Our last day was April 15th , and though I planned on waiting an extra week or 2, I could not be patient any longer as out weather has been fantastic. I even got in 4 of my plants 2 weeks prior to the last frost date and watched them like hawks!

I wanted to list my tomato choices for this year. All are varities that are heirloom, suited for this area, and were all traded seeds so I did not pay for them. How much more budget friendly can one be?

(**remember, I am always up for a trade, contact me if I have something you would like and have something to trade! I want to help with your garden too, and being broke doesn't mean you should miss out on the greatness of the garden**)

So what did I plant?

Banjan Roomii
White Wonder
Green Sausage
Chocolate Cherry
Esther Hess Yellow Cherry
Italian Market Wonder
Purple Cherokee

Now some of these are new to me. I have not tasted most of these before,(excepting Esther' Yellow) so I am putting a lot of faith into people giving me their personal opinions.

Today, mother nature has blessed us with some showers... so I don't have to drag the hose all across an acre to water everything, thank goodness! But it also means I can't go out and take photos and updates like I would like to. So I will do a photo walk tomorrow or Friday.

So today I am going to just go to Home Depot (buy one get one free on packets of seeds) and get me some lettuce seeds I am out of for a part shade area, and some wildflower seeds to sprinkle out by the pond. I just have to remember to factor in those costs into my chart I have with the Community Garden Project. Don't forget to join the project and download a copy of the chart to keep up with costs and harvests!

Community Garden Project Blog Link

Spreadsheet To Download and Print

You can also join the group to chat about this project at Forum Thread

Now if everyone can post their tomato choices for this year, I would love to see the popular choices everyone else has chosen. AND whether or not you bought started plants, or started from seed!!!


  1. Wow, good for you, how wonderful-- I can just taste the homemade salsa!!

    I rent a small plot out at a community garden about a mile form my home -- I plant tomatoes, peppers, greens (collards, kale), squashes (summer and winter), green beans, etc etc. Well sadly I confess I've not been quite in my plot yet this season, sigh... But soon. Very soon!

  2. I must insist you get out there and garden! Springs comes and goes so fast... doing hard labor work in the garden during summer is a big pet peeve of mine. I just won't do it. Clearing and planting is for spring, and adding new beds and tilling up NEW beds are for fall and winter. I hate sweating! LOL