Friday, April 23, 2010

GIVEAWAY - Garden Watering Spikes

I have a set of 2 Aqua Spikes. These neat little watering spikes attach to a used water bottle, or 2 liter bottle filled with water and got stuck right into your garden. Very useful when you are going to be away a couple of days. They also water deeply for better root growth. These hold a lot of more water then the aqua globes you see around for house plant pots.


So please, go ahead and sign up here with contest machine:

Sign up starts TODAY April  23rd and ends at 11:59pm May 9th

I use this site to randomly chose a winner, as well as they keep your contact information private and I can only get your email if you are the winner of the item! If you do not answer the question, add your name or email address at sign up... we will pick another winner. Thank you so much, and enjoy another give away from A SOUTHERN ENGLISH GARDEN GROWS! 

**Reminder: If you do not pick a post in my blog and actually review or state what you like or not you will be disqualified! Leaving it blank, or just copying and pasting my blog name will not allow you to qualify. So do not think you have a chance if you don't follow the contest rules! Thank you!**

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  1. A winner has been picked, I'm going to give her a week or so to respond before we announce it. If she doesn't respond we will pick a runner up! Thanks everyone who signed up!!! :)