Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yard Work and Grape Propagation

Yesterday, I had several more plants to go in, quite a bit of weeding to do, a ton of edging with the weed eater and finally hubby mowed.

Though it didn't bother me at the time, my muscles are killing me now. I haven't done anything this hardcore in the yard since fall.

With all this extra work, we realized (I emphasize "WE" ), that I just don't have enough garden space for my gardening needs. Though we did add in a new 6' by 20' bed in the front yard, and a 3' by 20' bed on the side of the driveway... still not enough. So, I will be sharing a project we have planned to solve that problem soon. (It's a surprise.)

What I will share is some cuttings I took from our grape vine, in hopes to get some to root. This is a chancy project, as I've been told old wood and fall cuttings would be best. Instead, we're doing new growth and spring cuttings. Oh well, you try with what you got, if it works, great... if not, I'll try again in fall.

All I did was add about 10 cuttings to water I sprinkled rooting hormone in. Left them on the kitchen window sill.... now we wait!

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