Friday, June 25, 2010

104 Degrees... will it ever end?

Yesterday it was too hot to do anything much, so I took my daughter to the library for a movie inside afternoon they had. I needed to hit the grocery store and pick up butter and eggs (too hot and my chickens won't lay eggs in this heat), passing the town digtal clock it announced the current temp was 104! You've got to be kidding... I don't see these temps until late July if we see them at all. Last year I don't think we had but 1 or 2 days where it even hit 100. Now today at 1:30pm, its 97 and rising still!

My garden is sulking, while I'm trying to fight the mildew battle still. I was suggested to water early (it was still steaming hot at 8am while I was out), and someone even mentioned the healing powers of epson salt. So I added some to my watering can and got all my potted plants early. Some are really sulky still, but a few look more green now then yellow. So I'll keep up with the epson salt mix for the next week during this heat wave. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Today, I also threw some Earnest White Cucumber seeds into the ground. I forgot to plant cukes this year, and I've lost so much patience at this point with my squash that I threw a few seeds out to see what happens. Last year I lost most my cukes to downy mildew... so lets see if I can get a healthy late harvest of cukes. If I do, I will definitely hold off on planting again until late next year. Worse case, I get nothing and its no lose to me.

Also, its about that time to get the winter squash in, I will have acorn squash and butternut squash in by Monday next week I do believe. I have seeds coming from California from a nice gentleman willing to share through I'm telling you, I love that community of gardeners! You should all look into joining.

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