Monday, June 7, 2010

Grape Propagation Update

Back in April I took some fresh spring cuttings on my Thompson Grape vine. Its is 4 years old, and this is its first year producing grapes. I wanting to try to take some cuttings and grow additional vines, however, ever site I looked at and everyone suggested fall cuttings. I was sheering and pruning this spring anyways trying to keep 1 or 2 main vines for producing only. So it couldn't hurt to try right?!

I put 10 cuttings into water with some root hormone in them. I let them sit in the water for about 3 weeks. (I changed the water daily and dusted a bit more hormone in them, DAILY!) Then it looked like 3 had rooted, but a few others were iffy.... so I transplanted 6 into clay pots in my greenhouse where it was super hot during the day, to keep pushing root development. 5 didn't take well, 2 dampened off for sure and died right away... the rest took a little while to notice they gave up. ...but one didn't quit, and its super hardy and has new buds of growth on it now!

So here is our one that has taken root.... and it will remain on my deck in the pot until fall when we transplant it to where we are building a new arbor for shade.

Here's to more grapes and shade in a few years! ..and in the fall, I will be taking MORE cuttings again.


  1. Very Cool! We need to do this with our grape vine.

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