Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Birthday Blog Post

So, this may be a long one!

First off, I turned 31 today. Which I still find funny my husband is not even 30 yet. ;)

So for my birthday my Etsy shop is offering all Jams/Jellies at $1 off, since I would like to remove that 1 from my age! LOL http://BiscottiQueen.Etsy.com Take advantage if you can, the sale ends at midnight!

Second, I'm a little sad as the disease in my garden is not being controlled well, so I had to take out the main infectious plants.... 2 squash plants that had produced me a TON of summer squash. But I have 1 more plant that seems to be doing fine in the front yard, and I still have that one... for now. I saw a squash borer moth on it yesterday and put a tin foil cone around the stem. Trying to be proactive, but there is no telling how late I am.

And lastly, I wanted to share a cute picture of my daughter. We went Blackberry picking last week, and she was so cute... and its my birthday so I can post things that make me smile for no other reason then that!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday... she is a cutie and look at them yummy blackberries :)