Monday, June 28, 2010

Wonderful Estate Sale Find

I went to yard sales on Saturday, trying to find some fun stuff for my garden. I never ended up finding anything after hitting 10 yard sales. On my way home, with money still in my pocket... and all my daughter wanted was 1 small bag to carry her sippy cup for $0.25... I saw a sign for an estate sale that was clearing out! So I swung in and saw it was mostly kitchen stuff, and furniture left. Very old, heavy duty, 1950's wood pieces. Then we saw a lovely twin bed set, solid oak but looked to have potential. It was marked for $50... but they took $35.

So my sweet hubby came and picked it all up and took it home. I suggested we painted it white and set it up this week. The carpenter in him REFUSED to let me put paint on such pretty wood and immediately started sanding and taking care of the wood enough to take a lovely cherry stain to match her current cherry chest of drawers. What a good man with an eye for quality and professionalism!!!

I also have plans for this set. When its done, it will be the perfect set for a modern little girl! Can't wait to share the finished product.

We keep updates of all my husband's project here on his Facebook Fan Page, come join us!!/pages/Fuquay-Varina-NC/Rent-My-Hubby/113072668717323

Edited to add: More research has gone in, and we now think it is Maple and from the 1950's. We're going to stop and see if they have the other one still this weekend. Thanks!


  1. That is an awesome find! I love it!

    And i agree with your husband. Paint? Are you kidding me!!!


  2. LOL... yes I know, but I'm not as good with the sanding, and treating wood stuff. But he is, and he has the patience when it comes to something so beautiful. I'm online trying to buy the finishing touches now. ;)

  3. Nice...... cant wait to see the finished product either :)