Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heating up!

Finally a nice warm sunny day with little wind. I was able to get some coneflowers, bellflowers, foxglove, and columbine in the ground today. I lost some onions to a darn cat using my plant beds as a liter box though. Managed to get everything watered today as well. I harvested some more spinach, and saw my potatoes I planted back in mid March had sprouts. Mmmm... russet potatoes. (I got those from spuds that had sprouting eyes I got at the store.)

I moved all my plants out to harden off... then of course after dinner I moved them back in. I hate this part... move them out, move them in, move them out, move them in... ARGH! I can't wait until that's done.

My daughter and I got to play on the swings a lot too. Then daddy went for a walk with us around the neighborhood. It was quite a wonderful peaceful day actually!

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