Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My long Tuesday drama...

Tuesday, I actually got an early start to the day and managed to get up and get everyone fed before 8:30. I planned on baking some cookies for an order and spending the rest of the day with my daughter watching movies and reading books. It rained... a LOT yesterday.

Come 10am my idea of a peaceful rain day was over. A large dog shredded my coop run and gave my chickens a run for the money. I caught the dog as it was trying to get in the coop itself... thankfully the dog couldn't get in, and all the chickens made it safely back in themselves. I did find the owner of the dog as I followed it home as it ran from my pellet gun. I've only ever had STRAY dogs around here try to bother my chickens... and those have all failed and got a few BBs in their rear as they leave in terror.

The owner was sympathetic and I was able to get new wire for the coop to replace what the dog destroyed. I was feeling much better at this point. My broodies were still sitting on their eggs and didn't get off, no one was bleeding, and could easily lock my chickens in the coop for the rest of the day while the repairs were made.

Hubby came home and decided.... well.... lets go ahead and move the coop behind the garden by the grapes and orchard we're growing. It will give them places to hide and more cover then where the coop was in the center of the yard. Its a little farther from the house then I would like... but I think its a nice spot we chose anyways.

So all this was taken care of by 3 people (1 was me, and I'm a weakling)using 2 dollies we hauled this monster of an awkward coop about 50+ ft to its new location. Can you say OUCH!

Anyways, that's done... that day is done... I'm moving on! So cross your fingers after all this, my broodies don't give up on lovely Quality Breed eggs I have them sitting on. I would hate to be out that money over this!


  1. I think they'll be okay. I'm glad you got to the dog before he got a chicken.