Thursday, April 16, 2009

The smell of compost!

I've been adding compost to my old beds today to give more life to the plants that have been here. There weren't many, but enough to need a snack. My husband had a long drive today to a job in Greenville and he didn't need to be there until 6 tonight, so he spent the morning with the daughter and I. We managed to add the final raised beds for the year. One behind the play house for sunflowers (my daughter did an awesome job planting them by herself) and one at the end of the driveway to keep weeds under control for my vines.

Like that wasn't enough work, I managed to transplant 9 tomatoes, 2 daisies, about 6 of my tidal wave petunias, and the very last 2 of my foxglove.

I'm so thrilled I saved all those foxglove seeds last year and started some fresh plants. I was crushed to find my only lavender foxglove from last year never came back. The roots were rotted and the old stems had no green left. I covered it with mulch over the winter, but with a few late snows this year it couldn't take it. Next year I will double the mulch pile and my new plants.

We all make mistakes!

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