Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The weather has been ...brrrrrr

Its been windy, then cold, then wet, then windy... and today its windy and cold!? Had a frost last night I do think. Expecting a low of 35 tonight on top of that! What a rough couple of days for my plants.

However, Saturday and Saunday were GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Didn't manage to do much with the plants though. We had a birthday party on Saturday morning, then a delivery of siding and porch posts on Saturday afternoon. By Sunday my husband was excitingly putting up some of the siding, and I was off swinging and playing with the little one. Then we left to go visit the grandparents for dinner.

Just wanted to show some of the siding work we managed, and show the cute little chicks that have hatched the last couple of days. Waiting on 2 more eggs to hatch as well. Also waiting for a new batch of eggs I bought to come. Very pretty silkies these eggs are coming from. Mine will look so much nicer when I breed them from here on out!!!


  1. I'm jealous, my chicks are still in the incubator.

  2. The weather has been crazy! This weekend will be better.... Seramas in the incubator in this FV home...!

  3. These guys are going to a new home this weekend. Just in time for the 6+ eggs I ordered to go under another broody. I get to keep the whole next hatch... I'm so excited!!!