Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do not vote for S. 510

Concerned? No? Well, you should be.

So I'm going to take this moment to make a political statement, which generally I don't do much of. I want you to read these 2 very different view articles on S. 510, a bill marked to regulate the heck out of our food from big ag. However, though it 'leave out the little guy' it in facts limits the little guy... including the back yard hobbiest.

So read a coverage store on Grist:

Now read the Wall Street Journel's take:

2 very different minds wrote that... but I want to point out, neither journalist, and pretty much NONE of the senators are farmers. Oh, like Mr. Bob Etheridge once stated to me, he was once a farmer in my state and fights for the little guy... but he is NO LONGER a farmer, and after speaking with a farmer who talk to the man once... like any politician he is NOT a man of his word. Which if you look back at my August blog post, you can see how he never bothered to respond properly to my concerns with our FDA & where he sided, and when I asked for a real response rather then a run around, no reply at all.

So how do you feel about S. 510? What is the amount of money a small farm can make before it is fined and fee'd to death? $100k, $200k, $1m? They say they are leaving the little guy out... but it more likely appears they are limiting the little guys growth and making promises to big Ag, that for the right price each year.... they will earn limitless growth and power over our food supply for many more years to come.

So please, write your rep and let them know that you intend to fight this! The hobby gardener isn't far behind... believe me!

There has been notice the bill is delayed BUT remember... this is not going to keep your food safe. There are plenty of regulations in place already. Maybe they should pass a bill saying they should actually take the time to enforce what is already there before they start asking for more poorly worded regulations to be put in place!

This will not save any lives, but make things difficult for others... just throw it out!

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