Sunday, November 7, 2010

Would You Like to Stop in and Eat at Fogl's Kitchen?

 All our friends and family sure like stopping by. They get to taste test so much too. There is always extra preserves, a few extra quarts of pickles to opened, a new pot pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie or biscotti to try! I'm already feeding the masses.

I do all this while trying to support our local farms, and farmer markets. I suggest people stop by many of the places I do as if I was going to the market... like Holland Farms. They've been growing produce and selling it from Holland Rd/Purfoy Rd in Fuquay Varina since the 1700's! Yet so many people don't know its there. I give directs and people have passed it 100 times and never noticed they could stop at the stand and buy the most amazingly fresh produce, eggs, jams, honey and handmade gifts. FOR LESS THEN THE GROCERY STORES!?

Anyways, the economy has made me feel I would never realize my dream to open my own bakery cafe. That internet sales and private orders may be my only venue. But I won't allow that to keep me down, because I know this can and will be a successful business... if it wasn't, my internet sales would not have tripled in these hard times.

So I am here to let you know, we will be collecting donations to start this business! So know that soon you will be able to stop in, say hi, grab some coffee and fresh biscotti and hit the road whenever you like.Though I would love to start a completely new shop w/ all required purchasable items, we're looking at $20k! I am hoping, since there are a couple bakeries and restraunts for sale, for $10k we'd be able to get in on one of those and get a loan to remodel and get into business even sooner.

We've found a way to collect these donations, from people who shares our views and tastes, that makes you know your money is going to the right place. If we don't get enough to get started, you get your money back. If you want to put in extra... you can. Through you'll be able to learn more about our business, know they doing to this for a good project, with good food for a good cause.

Here is where you will find our profile:

You can't donate just yet, we're waiting on approval from the site. We had to prove we're the real deal!

But please... share this with your friends... your family... whomever you think would love to see this grow and evolve. Even if you could never possibly visit our cafe, we will still run Fogl's Kitchen online and will always ship the goodness that is NC to anyone who wants a taste!!!

****Update 11/10/10 **** 
Kickstarter has not accepted us. Though I am told I am not a good food, I have been informed someone with a similar plan across the country has been accepted and I don't think they want the $$$ competition across the site. My plan is to resubmit the plan in Feburary.

Until them I am planning on starting some fund raising on my blog, and maybe through facebook and etsy. All I am trying to do is get a small amount in which to show my seriousness to take out a loan for the rest.

Our plan for a cafe/market place isn't only for our business, but we want to help sustain and raise up the troubled local farms that are part of our community. I want the customers and community members try to keep their $$$ in the community. We want to donate space to local artists to share our walls. We don't only want to be a business, but we want to make a difference.

If you are interested in helping, even donating $1 to try to get this dream off the ground I will be setting up a way to make donations through Paypal. I will be giving coupons and rewards for larger donations!

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