Sunday, November 21, 2010

My letter on S. 510 goes to Washington

As there is a fight right now for which congressman will take the seat in Washington, my letter (once again) goes to Bob Etheridge.

Please note if you go back to my august blog posts you can read my correspondence with his office earlier in the year over GMO labeling. He voted in favor.

My letter:
"This is exactly why I didn't vote for you this past November. I wrote your office back in August about the labeling of processed foods using GMO crops. Sadly, your reply was rehearsed and didn't answer my questions. So I replied again with how I felt and why, and how disappointed in your I was I didn't get a straight answer on where you stood. Now I know of course, and I voted liberal for your seat. No wonder you are going to lose your seat now, and I not feel sorry for your lack of concern.

You claimed once you were a farmer, but you no longer do that hard work. You long ago severed your roots from those days. I've talked with a few local farmers who've mentioned you've spoken with, make promises and told them ideas for them that never came to light. Its a lose of faith.

Now this bill S. 510 comes along disguised as a food safety regulation. Problem is we have PLENTY of regulation, its just not enforced as it should be. And rather then do the LEG work, leave it to the government (with $$$ backing from lobbists) to push a pen instead. Later on we will only see small farmers stop growing like they have been, and give ag growing more. This bill just puts up brick wall limits on what a small farm can do before they hit the governments imaginary line. The line that will cost the little guy money he can't afford to try to cross. The farm will never have a comeback they were on their way to having recently.

Have you read this article?

Putting your 'feelings' aside, don't you see the potential growth... and the amount of growth already for the organic and small farmer? These are families. You are trying to stop families from achieving what appears to currently be a possible dream.

I am sorry that you side with big... but their pockets run deep... and you seem to just be standing their holding your hand out for your cut!

Shannon Fogl"

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