Monday, March 15, 2010

A Homegrown Revolution

Sustainable living!!! That isn't a new way of thinking, its just becoming mainstream.

I think you will find this video as enlightening as I did! It's a fabulous look into how you can produce so much for your family in such a small space. Not to mention being sustainable with the earth, but giving back. Now they show a lot of things beyond gardening, but we've tried. Some I'm ok with, others just don't interest me as they should. I just CAN'T give up my washing machine, even though I do occasionally dry outside when its nice. I also highly doubt I will hand crank my blender for those margaritas I so love in the summer.

But, the important thing is the use of space, the organic ways in which they do everything AND (my favorite part) but LOCAL!!! We are trying very hard to cut our food back from being shipped in to us, to trying to find items locally grown and in season. Though we don't do this 100% by any means, I know we've cut back by more then 50% at this point. During the summer months its much easier with so much more available to us, but its a start now.

Let me know what you think, and what changes you have made or the changes you are planning on making.

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