Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So I lied!

After 2 years of keeping chickens, I've only had and breed Silkies. I love their look, their temper and their adorable eggs! I swore no other chicken could steal my heart or my coop space.

However, I had found myself looking into Japanese bantams more and more. So small, and regal with their flaring tall tails. Also, the thought that I could have 2 of the only bantam heritage breeds out there... well... WOOHOOO!

I thought even more about it, and did some research on silkie feathered japanese bantams, and they are getting popular in Europe, but are so rare in the US they are unheard of! BREEDING PROGRAM IDEAS!!!!

So swept away in my fantasies, hubby and I changed the old duck house into a new mini coop with run and after some months of searching I introduce you to:

My new Japanese Grey Bantams
Gingko: the 6 week old roo
Calla and Canna the 6 week old pullet and 2.5 week old pullet
and the unknown 2.5 week old, who may be a roo too!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! I hope you make lots of money breeding gorgeous rare babies. ;)

  2. Oh that is exciting! Good Luck!!! They are so cute.

  3. I'm so happy... I got the 2 older ones moved out to their newly built coop this evening. The younger ones are crying alot now, but I will get them treats and cuddle them for awhile.

  4. Have you seen Seramas??? They are new as well. That's what we are raising now. They get around 14oz and smaller. http://www.seramacouncilofnorthamerica.com/

  5. Thanks Nicole! Nope... I've seen Seramas, but something about the Japanese Bantams. I had learned that Silkies and Japanese Bantams are the only TRUE heritage breeds of bantams out there. Originally, one way or another... or bantams sized birds came from them. I thought that was so cool of a fact, I had to be the one with 2 heritage breeds. And I'm think silkie feathered JB would be AWESOME!!!

    P.s.- Did you get those seeds I sent?!?!