Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Official!

Well, there is no way to deny it now. Spring is here and everything I can see in NC is waking up. I'm being as patient as I can not to plant too many things right now. We could still have a shocking surprise frost up until April 15th EASY! So don't get too excited.

Here's some lovely photos of the special things happening in our neck of the woods though.

These were all taken with my cellphone, so please excuse the poor quality of the photos. That's all my fault for forgetting to charge my camera battery... again! :)


  1. Is that a grape vine or are you doing an esprailier?

  2. It is a grape vine. I'm doing it double style. Usually the wineries use one, but if you do 2 they make a nice wind breaker.

    I will be doing some espalier as a fence between neighbors next year. I want to do apples for that. Do them in a fan shape too. :) Have you thought of doing it?

  3. It is hard to hold off, I agree. Everything looks great!