Monday, March 1, 2010

My Husband Has Moved Up!

Its been rough repairing and upgrading our home over the last 2 years. Other then the siding, termite damage repair, septic repair, adding walks, adding gardens (of course) and the dozens of other building jobs.

ex: deck, coops, garden boxes, stairs, closets, swing set and playhouse

My husband, so handy, so creative.... was laid off from another company in January. After running through dozens of home repairs here. We've decided rather then him working for anyone else any longer, its time he worked for himself. Most people are only hiring 1099 (which is considered subcontracted) meaning, they don't take out taxes, you pay your own. You need your own insurance and any additional required licensing. No benefits, no retirement, no vacation. So you know what that means.... SELF EMPLOYED!

So we've created where now other wives are welcome to rent my husband by the hour! We've gotten him insured and he is completely legal, and completely useful... all in one!

Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts on the website, I'm working on it now... all me... so creative :)


  1. That is a very good idea. What about getting magnets and sticking them on the sides of your cars?

  2. I ordered magnets for the side of his truck, and tee shirts with his logo on them for him to wear. Along with 250 business cards to get him started. We have an invoicing system set up now too... he can do quotes on the road. His business will be small handyman things, but it is mostly based on personal service. Being on time, polite, sticking with what he promises... customer service is key I think. His handiness is just a bonus! LOL

  3. Good Luck! Just found your blog, love it. I am in the southeast and love gardening, so I can't wait to cruise you blog some more.

  4. Welcome Cindy! I hope you find this blog useful, and that you may have some useful tips to share here as well. :o) You can also read some of my gardening articles over at in their blog archive. :0)