Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sprouts Started Inside

I did my seed starting in Feburary this year rather then January like I did last year. Last year I started too early, and ended up with beans growing up my bathroom walls, and super leggy tomatoes. I also had to move a few too many out to the garden early to make room inside.... in which case I lost a good dozen or so plants from.

Now that I started at a better time this year, I'm happy with how my seedlings are doing. So of my best starts are Tomatoes, Peppers and Gerber Daisies. I photoed a few of what I have going. You don't see some of my flowers, and herbs which I have all over the house. Once I start I am overly addicted, and can't stop planting!


  1. you are so organized. My seedlings will be that big in about a week or so.

  2. Aren't you ambitious! You can plant leggy tomoatoes way down...just bend sideways in a hloe/trench and leave a set or two of leaves exposed. They will sprout roots all along the buried stem, which makes for a good strong root ball, anyway.

  3. My grow lights are full and I'm patiently waiting for April 1st to put stuff in the ground so that I can fill those lights up again. It's wonderful isn't it? So rewarding too. Could you let me know where you found Gerber Daisy seeds?

  4. Heide, yours will be in the ground long before mine will. I think our last frost date is April 15th, and I just may add a week to feel better about it.

    Donna, I always bury 80% of my tomatoes. I break off the bottom leaves and transplant once into deeper peat pots, then do it again when I plant them outside. I also add Bonemeal, a scoop from the compost and crushed egg shell to each tomato hole. I had easily 6ft + plants last year. Best tomato season yet!

    Nicole, If you are interested email me at I have red gerber daisy seeds. I plant and collect my own seeds, I haven't bought anything this season. I just collect and trade seeds.