Friday, March 12, 2010

The omnivore's dilemma

I am deeply engrossed in this book. The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Thank you Heide for sending it my way.

Only 65 pages in and I already have a new deeper understanding of our country and our standards. I can no longer be shocked as to know people are over weight, or why diabetes runs rampant in this country. When we talk about or health, it seems nearly impossible to do what is required of us, as the majority of our food is so unhealthy we can't change it unless we grew our own. There are so many hidden doors in the 'food' industry we may TRULY never have the full view of what we put in our bodies... or our children's bodies. But one thing I have learned in this short read is that the government has a far reaching arm,  control from our taxes to our pantry and beyond.

Its worse knowing that so many Americans turn a blind eye to whats happening and go on just eating whatever is offered to them, without knowing the price. Like the corn fed steer, America has forgotten what once was natural.

I will finish this book soon, and I will probably have more rants and views by then. I just wanted people to know if they WANT to remove the wool from over their eyes, they can start by reading this!

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  1. I only buy grass fed for my meat eating partner now. Grain fed is bad for you and an extremely cruel way of spending your last month on earth if you are a cow.

    My son could not believe I was reading a book where one whole chapter was about corn, lol. I remember being fascinated as I was reading to that point just as you are.

    I am not sure if I also sent you "animal, vegetable, mineral" but that is another one that is highly worth reading.