Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Been a bit behind!

I know I haven't posted any new growth results lately, and there has been quite a bit actually, but I've just been busy. I have managed to plant 50 new seeds since the weekend. They include peas and broccoli (which I'll be moving out to the garden in a week or 2). I've also added more poppies and blanket flower. I have 100's of new sprouts surfacing as well.

However, yesterday's snow fall made for such an exciting day I was just out and about with the baby and dog. Hubby even stayed home for work, so it turned out to be a fabulous cold day. Today its kinda brought me down about how far off spring seems to be feeling again.

I know a certain 2 year old that wanted to clear all the snow off of the garden beds we worked so hard on. She tried so hard to clean them off before she just gave up!

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