Saturday, January 24, 2009

Following the Lotus

Well, my lotus plants have moved very slowly the last week or so. No real progress to report. However, one is not doing so well, the tip shriveled up and I was concerned it was going to die before it ever got to live! It was the first of the lotus seeds to be moved too!

Here is my set up of all 3 lotus. The other 2 have the crane necks coming up, and they seem to move a little daily, but no leaves or anything appear to be developing. Again, I'm concerned I may not have enough water in the jugs. Only time will tell!

Now, to my surprise I picked up the first lotus stem as it tipped over in the water, and found at the base of the stem from the seed... a NEW SPROUTING STEM!!!!! How exciting!!!!

And now for a happy little bonus this morning, I have my first bloom on my petunia that I rescued the volunteer sprouts from pots outside in November! Sweet little bud, really makes me excited about spring.

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  1. ...and for a Petunia that was not supposed to flower at all this year - I think they look great!

    So heathy - so full - and already bringing you smiles!