Friday, January 9, 2009

New Plants and Seedlings Spring

Today I planted "Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers" as well as "Tidal Wave Hot Pink Petunias". So I have 8 new seeds planted.

There are also some seedlings coming up already from the seeds I've planted in the last week. They include:

"Falling In Love" Poppies (A mix of cream, white, pink, salmon, and peach colors)
Night Lilies
Black Eyed Susan's
Green Sausage Tomatoes
Winter White Tomatoes
Russian Orange Tomatoes
Passion Flower
Snap Dragons

I also received more seeds in the mail from trading:

I'm concerned about some Easter Lilies and Poppy Mallow I planted, they are yet to sprout and I planted them weeks ago. It's ok though, I have more seeds then I know what to do with anyways.

By the way, I do trade seeds with anyone interested. Its the best way to help budget and really make a difference to your yard!

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