Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Signs of Spring

I've repotted my snapdragons today into peat pots. They have their first set of true leaves, but out of 25 plants only 12 came up and 2 were on top of others so I had to root them out. So I have 10 left... I'm hoping repotting made a difference and those 10 I have left can thrive now. I had started them all in the same pot.

My lotus has even moved up to the surface more around 2pm I noticed the tip leaving the water. I even added a tiny bit more warm water to the container after I took the picture this morning. I am planning on photoing it again this evening. Truly, I think it is possible I may have my first leave develop by this weekend.

Though I am going through this planting and seeding and feeding and lighting and watering I am feeling like Spring will never come! It feels like January is just ENDLESS!!! Well, mother nature gave me a bit of warmth today by showing me that spring is coming, and probably early here. I found not 1, but 12 of my tulip bulbs sprouting. I planted 30+ to start with in November... so I am sure to find more as I search the yard later this week.

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