Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lotus Develpment

I never thought January would be a busy Gardening month. I know its just this year, getting everything ready, building the big base for everything! I have to give thanks to my husband who has blown me away with how much care he's put unto everything he's done for me. He knows what I've wanted and has gone above and beyond!

Anyways, today we've moved along with the lotus seeds. They're very fast at development! I have a 3rd one with a newly developed crack... you can already see the sprout moving out. The second one is almost to replanting stage, maybe another 24 hours.

So that means #1 to sprout is ready for the muck. Its hard to see in the photo, but the first lotus seed has been plunged into a mucky soil mix in a milk jug. I'm hoping it will be ready to be moved out on the deck in a 5 gallon bucket in April. The plan is to have it relocated to the pond by June. Lets see how long until it develops some leaves. Could just be a matter of days!


  1. Awesome! I wonder if the others are slow to germinate because they weren't scratched as deeply. I can't wait to start seeing some leaves!

  2. I'm just happy I have 3 for sure... that's actually more then I could have hoped for! Thanks so much for getting these to me.