Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Shoot Emerges / Veggie Garden Fence

Starting last night I witnesses the shoot emerging from the cracked shell of the first lotus seed. I decided I would wait until morning to photo the shoot, that it would probably be easier to see. I was right, its much easier to see now, and a bonus was found as well.

A second lotus seed has cracked and a shoot is starting to poke out. The life of my lotus have begun!

So today was gorgeous and I convinced (by bribery) hubby to put up my raised bed veggie garden fence. We're close to done, but still need part of tomorrow to finish. Sadly, tomorrow looks like rain.

Many hours of hard labor resulted in a gorgeous fence going up though. We did have company so we decided to just chill and hang out a bit here and there. Took my daughter and my friend's daughter down to the pond to feed our ducks. They are finally having less fear of us. After all, we're the nice people with the yummy food!

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