Thursday, January 8, 2009

Watching the Lotus

So my 5 seeds sit in their warm bottle above my kitchen sink. Some are floating, and some are not. All the seeds have tiny bulges and swelling under their shells though. I hope that is signs of life wait to emerge.

Thinking of what to do next though, I've decided I've saved enough milk containers to use to move the seedlings, if they sprout, to another window in those. I've read I need to fill the jugs with basic planting soil and then fill with water about 3" above the surface of the soil. Once the water and soil settle I can add the seedlings. The question is... which seedling wants to go first?

Edited to add 11:39pm 1/8/09:

I couldn't resist one more peek at the seeds and one has cracked on its own. No shoots showing though.

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